Sep 12th 2023

Spotlight on This Week's Arrivals from Evolved Novelties - Week of 9/10/23

New Arrivals from Evolved Novelties

In the ever-evolving world of pleasure products, staying updated with the latest offerings is crucial. Here's a quick rundown of our newest additions:

Twirl Jam Light & Twirl Jam Dark

The Twirl Jam series artfully combines the sensation of twirling with remote-controlled vibrations, offering a dual experience. Its life-like design, coupled with the unique twirling feature, makes it a standout choice for those looking to elevate their intimate moments.

  • Twirl Jam Light
    • SKU: EN-RD-2710-2
    • Brand: Evolved Novelties
    • Recommended Retail Price: $141.98
  • Twirl Jam Dark
    • SKU: EN-RD-2727-2
    • Brand: Evolved Novelties
    • Recommended Retail Price: $141.98

The Private

The Private is a sleek vibrating plug designed for precision. Its unique shape ensures targeted stimulation, making it a versatile addition for both beginners and seasoned users.

  • SKU: SL-RS-3359-2
  • Brand: SELOPA by Evolved Novelties
  • Recommended Retail Price: $35.98

6.5" Natural Feel Dildo Light & Dark

The 6.5" Natural Feel Dildo series is meticulously crafted for a genuine touch. Its dual-layered material and lifelike texture make it a must-have for those seeking an authentic experience.


The  Gumball wand is tailored for precision and playful exploration. Its slim design, combined with powerful vibrations, makes it a favorite among those who seek targeted clitoral stimulation with a touch of whimsy.

  • SKU: SL-RS-3335-2
  • Brand: SELOPA by Evolved Novelties
  • Recommended Retail Price: $37.98

Ready to make these products a part of your offerings? Get in touch with your friendly Evolved sales representative today. If you're new to us, there's no better time to connect and explore the possibilities.

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