Evolved’s Gift Giving Center – Customize the Perfect Gift!

Los Angeles CA – November 08, 2011

Evolved Novelties is unveiling a unique shopping experience for the holidays! At select retailers, consumers will be able to assemble their own multiple item gifts in one centralized location, pairing a toy, a liquid, an accessory and a gift bag or box including tissue paper and bow from a choice of over 50 items.

Evolved’s Gift Giving Center will provide an amazing depth of product where people are provided with everything they need to customize the perfect gift with the power to please! Coming right in time for Christmas and extending through Valentine’s Day, the tailor-made gift area boasts an incredible selection of products handpicked for the gift-giving season, with aggressive pricing to match.

“The beauty of our Gift Giving Center is that it’s an all-in-one shopping experience for our customers. With the 50-plus items available, you get an excellent cross-section of our entire collection, and you’ll discover combinations that you may not ordinarily put together yourself,” said Marcus West, Marketing Director at Evolved Novelties. “And the fact that you can walk away from the store with the finished gift package – bow and all – is very attractive.”

The Gift Giving Center’s will hit stores November 10 and be available through Valentine’s Day 2012. Any retailers who would like to place a Gift Giving Center in their store should call their sales representatives for order information.

About Evolved Novelties

Evolved Novelties products are distributed to more than 25,000 stores worldwide with markets encompassing North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Far East, Australia and more.  Their mission is to provide groundbreaking, innovative sexual health products to improve the typical couple’s romantic life, a market which is growing exponentially fast.

Evolved Novelties has been creating exceptionally high quality, truly unique massagers since its inception in 2006. Their award-winning designs, packaging and packaging strategies emphasize ingenuity and style, and they take pride in crafting each new line to inspire women and couples to reach new heights of intimacy and pleasure. Clean lines, elegant shapes and playful colors are paired with European standard high-speed multifunction motors that offer unparalleled choice in variety of play.

Evolved massagers are manufactured from the highest quality, safest, non-toxic Phthalate-free materials available and are 100% Waterproof. Evolved Novelties also offers the strongest warranty in the industry, and adheres to the highest standard for product testing in the market.

For more information, visit Evolved Novelties website at www.myevolved.com